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How to Book a Place For Your Event

Need a place or a hall for your concert, event or else?

Reduced capacity and concert options

Due to restrictions as a result of the pandemic, the possibilities or concerts and events this semester is heavily reduced.

Concert Opportunities Right Now
Levinsalen sett fra bakre venstre hjørne

Reduced time for recordings

Due to the growing need for recordings. a temporary reduction has been introduced in the possible time for recordings in the hall. For the rest of the semester, the limit is set at a maximum of 2 hours.

Recordings in Lindeman and Levin

How to book a concert hall

Concert request form – time of announcement

  • Form for concerts during the spring semester is announced in October.
  • Form for concerts during the autumn semester are announced in April/May.

The invitation is sent to all Academy email addresses and includes a given deadline. This is the main deadline for submitting a concert request in the official program of the Academy.

Requests made after the given deadline are regarded as second priority. After the main season is planned, possibly available venues may be booked continuously throughout that semester.

Concerts in other rooms than the halls

Do you want to put up a concert in another room than Levin or Lindeman? This is possible, but you need to follow our guidelines.

Booke a hall for other activities

Lindeman and Levinsalen may also be booked for recordings. The halls can normally not be booked for rehearsals other than if they are available two days ahead of the rehearsal time, or if special space, acoustic or technical considerations must be made.