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Impuls and Upolert

Do you have a new repertoire? Something you haven't performed in a while? Or something you just want to try out in front of an audience? Then Impuls and Upolert is perfect for you!

NB! Cancelled

Due to restrictions as a result of the pandemic we unfortunately have to cancel the concert series Impuls and Upolert for the whole fall term 2020. Please check back for further information about Spring 2021.

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What Is Impuls and Upolert?

Impuls and Upolert are meant to fill the void between the informal low-threshold concert and the ordinary concert, which may often feel heavier and more solemn.

What sets these concert series apart is the degree of spontaneity they demand from their performers – you sign up for Upolert three weeks in advance, where as for Impuls the registration is no earlier than five days before the show.


  • Sign up maximum one week prior to the concert on a poster found in the foyer.
  • Concert most Tuesdays at 12:00 (no preparations).
  • Maximum 10 minutes per performance.
  • Levinsalen.

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  • Sign up no later than three weeks in advance by contacting producer Christopher Straume (contact info below).
  • Concerts will be published at as soon as the program is complete.
  • Concert starts at 19:00. Checks and rehearsals from 17:00 if needed.
  • Approx. 10 minutes per performance.
  • Venue: Levinsalen.

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