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Concerts Outside the Academy

Do you want to organize concerts outside the Academy? Great! NMH is frequently in touch with different venues in and around Oslo, and will gladly help you get a foot in the door. Please note that concerts, as a general rule should be planned and booked through the main semester planning.

How does it work?

Some places, like Kulturhuset and Majorstua kirke, are used frequently and can therefore be booked rather quickly. Other places we book each concert individually, but in return we get the venue that fits the concert perfectly. Whether you're looking for one or the other, we hope you find something of interest here.

To get started, fill in the main concert season planning form or contact head of production.

Please note: This service is primarily for master students, but we will of course make an exception if you have a truly great idea.


Please note

  • Students and employees are not to contact NMH's partners directly with booking requests on NMH's behalf without first having discussed this with head of production Lars H. Kurverud.
  • You cannot take entrance fees for concerts organized by or in cooperation with NMH.
  • Whether or not NMH can cover concert-related expenses will be discussed on a case-by-case basis. You should be prepared for the possibility of having to cover your own expenses.
  • Getting and transporting any extra equipment you might need, such as drum kits, amplifiers, etc, is your responsibility. NMH will in most cases cover taxi expenses for this purpose, but that should be agreed upon well in advance. NMH can in some cases transport equipment for you, but that's kind of rare, so you should be prepared to do all the heavy lifting yourself.
  • No matter how many people are involved in your concert – producers, technicians, teachers, organizers, arrangementsverter, etc. – marketing is still your responsibility. We will help in any way we can of course, but you should be prepared to do most of the promotion work yourself and that it may end up taking a lot of time. Please keep this in mind when booking your concert.