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Financial Support

In need of financial support for your project or concert? Here you'll find more info about possibilities at NMH.

Support for master projects

Master and diploma students in their 2nd year (only applicable to students without their own master project budget) may apply for support for the development/implementation of concerts or other such activities as part of their master projects. Up to NOK 4000 may be granted to each student.

If granted, this support can be used to cover fees for external performers, venues, equipment, marketing, etc. It can usually not cover recording costs unless this is an integral part of your project.


Send your application by e-mail to Lars H. Kurverud well in advance.

The application should include a short description of what you are planning to do, a budget, and a copy of the existing/submitted or revised project description for your master project.

If you are granted support, you usually have to cover the expenses yourself, and then submit a reimbursement form with all relevant receipts attached.

After you have been granted support

If you are granted support, you must cover the expenses yourself, and then submit a reimbursement form (Excel) with original receipts attached.

You must also submit a concise written report on the project you have completed. The report can be submitted before or together with the reimbursement form.

It is not possible to apply for support for recording purposes or to cover competition fees from the Outreach and Events Production’s budget.


Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to have a quick chat about how we can assist you!