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Promoting Your Event

You are responsible for promoting your concerts and registering them for one of NMH's media channels.

How to promote


  • Before you get people to attend your concert, you must know what you offer. Have a clear idea of why you want people to come.
  • Is there a theme, a common thread or something relevant?
  • Be aware of why you choose this type of music.
  • What makes the concert important?
  • Be personal.

There are many events every day in Oslo, making the competition very tough. Most times, it's the show's content that makes people show up – and be aware of it. You need to promote your event without making its content vain.

The Academy's concert channels

The concert and event calendar

If you want your show published in the event calendar at, you must submit information about the concert to All events in this online calendar will be displayed on the screens on the ground and second floor at NMH.


We create a "concert booklet" twice a year, where we promote selected events. To be considered, you must submit your concert for registration by 15 November.


Sent out once a month to around 1000 receivers.

The Department of Communication run all of these channels and, with the management, select a few concerts to receive extra marketing support.

Questions about marketing?