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Create a Poster

The Academy has an online poster creator available to all students and employees.

The poster generator

Poster in PDF

The creator will make a pdf poster for you. You can colour print your poster on any academy printer.

The creator makes picture posters, as well as posters without pictures.

Using pictures

You should use a picture with dark colours so it makes a nice contrast to the white text. The words will be hard to read if the picture is too light in colour. Pictures with lots of details may give a messy impression.

Edit and crop your picture before uploading it to the creator. The creator prefers portrait format pictures. You can make as many posters as you wish.

Colour print on Academy printers

You can colour print your poster on academy printers.

Follow this step by step guide:

  1. Download the generated PDF-file. Open it in Adobe Reader and click the printer icon.
  2. Choose A3-format under Paper > Other format.
  3. Under “Properties”, untick the black and white-option in the pictures tab (“Bildevalg” in Norwegian).
  4. Click OK and choose how many posters you want to print.
  5. Click “Print” and your poster will be printed.

Any Errors With the Generator?