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How to Use Mediasite

Learn how to use Mediasite, the recording system installed in our concert halls.

No more Mediasite

The Norwegian Academy of Music has decided to swap the current Mediasite system for another solution. You can still view, edit and download your presentations, but you can no longer record new presentations. It is still possible to use the ceiling microphones for recording with a sound card or a Zoom recorder. The connections are marked "Ceiling microphones for recording" on the panel below the touch panels in both Lindeman and Levin. You need two XLR cables for this, available from the AV department.

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Where is Mediasite placed?

In Levinsalen and Lindemansalen, we have installed a camera system called Mediasite. This can be used for recording concerts and other performances for documentation. The system is user-based and makes students and employees able to easily make recordings with 1, 2 or 3 cameras as well as high-quality stereo sound. The recording is then uploaded to the user's Mediasite-account where it can be edited, downloaded and published.


We are experiencing some problems with the "pause" functionality of the recorder. Don't use this function – please just let the recording run instead, or stop it and start a new one after the break.

Step by step guide to Mediasite

Publishing rights

The Mediasite system in our halls are primarily meant to be used as documentation for sound/video in conjunction with your studies and it facilitates sharing between students and teachers.

The system may also be used for publication of protected material and people: As a Mediasite user you are responsible for ensuring that all rights are cleared

Concert recordings


The system is intended to be user-based without needing support. If an error occurs, please let us know at