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CEMPE Talks #4 – “Casual” Racism and White, Western Music?


Does racism exist at the Norwegian Academy of Music, and if so, what effect does it have? In the canteen, in the instruction and at concerts?

What can staff and students do to counteract (“casual”) racism and challenge the dominance of the white, Western music culture?

We are arranging an open panel discussion on the subject at CEMPE Talks on 21 April.

The panel consists of

  • Emily Adomah Rimmereide Adjei (student and member of the Committee for Diversity and Equality)
  • Annie Eline Lundgreen, student and head of the SUT (Student Committee)
  • Rolf Gupta (conductor and composer)
  • Peter Tornquist (Principal)

Closed STUDENT Talks

Prior to the debate a discussion will be held as part of the STUDENT Talks, where students will share their experiences and discuss the subject in a closed forum.

Registration is necessary in order to participate, and only students at the NMH are eligible.

Committee for Diversity and Equality

The NMH aims to ensure that everyone – regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation – has truly equal opportunities. For this reason we must constantly confront entrenched patterns and unconscious attitudes.

The purpose of the NMH’s Committee for Diversity and Equality (UML) is to expose imbalances, recommend measures and support the management team in efforts to promote equality at the NMH.

Published: Apr 6, 2021 — Last updated: Mar 25, 2022