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MHPC22 | A day of workshops for students from KHiO and NMH


Are you longing for concrete tools that prepare you for your future as a performing artist? Join the workshops and learn more about how you can take care of your health both on and offstage.

A sustainable working life

Many musicians and performing artists are victims of unsecured working conditions, long and unpredictable days and physically demanding jobs. Many also experience performance anxiety or stage fright. On this day of workshops you will get the possibility to share your experiences across the art institutions and get practical tools to make you stronger when faced when entering the world of work.

The day starts with a yoga session and a small taste of the official MHPC22 programme followed by lunch before the workshop program begins. Due to a limited amount of seats, participants need to sign up in advance.

Morning program

Workshops at Chateau Neuf (sign up required)

About the MHPC22

The conference Musicians' and Performing Artists' Health and Performance (MHPC22) is a collaboration between CREO, NTO and NMH. The conference will shed light on performing arts medicine through presentations, demonstrations and workshops on musculoskeletal disorders, the brain and nervous system, mental health and performance psychology. By doing so, we wish to contribute to an increased focus on the health-related aspects of working as a performing artist, and to spread information about how performing artists can create long, healthy and sustainable working lives.

Published: Aug 23, 2022 — Last updated: Sep 21, 2022