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The Student Ombud Drop-In


The Student Ombud, Pål Gustavsen, is present at NMH and welcomes anyone who needs to talk to an impartial person.

The Student Ombud is an independent aid in student matters and a low-threshold service for harassment issues.

What might the Student Ombud help you with?

  • Give you an insight into your rights and duties as a student at NMH.
  • Contribute to looking after your rights and resolving your issues.
  • Participate as a impartial party in meetings between you as a student and NMH, or between you and a fellow student.
  • Read and give notes on your drafts for applications or complaints.
  • Give you insight into what it means to report, e.g. cases of harassment, bullying or breaches of security procedures, and the way forward if you consider reporting something that should be reported.
  • Give you advice if you wish to report anonymously.

Published: May 6, 2022 — Last updated: May 16, 2022