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STUDENT Talks #9 – Everyday Racism and White, Western Music?


Do racism exist at the music academy, and if so, how is it experienced? In the canteen, during lessons or at concerts?

This STUDENT Talks is a warm-up to the CEMPE Talks with the same title, where students can meet in a closed student conversation on the same topic.

What can staff and students do to prevent (every day) racism and challenge the dominance of the white, western music culture?

About STUDENT Talks

STUDENT Talks is a discussion forum mainly for students at the NMH. The purpose of the forum is to address current topics that the students themselves are interested in and create a space for open discussion and exchange of opinions.

Due to covid-restrictions, this will be a fully digital event only available for NMH's students.
The event will be held mostly in Norwegian.

Read more about the project STUDENT Talks.

Published: Apr 6, 2021 — Last updated: Aug 25, 2021