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About Absence During the Coronavirus

Despite NMH trying to make sure that as much of the tuition as possible takes place physically, Corona is going to affect the academic year of 2020/2021.

Students and staff who experience symptoms of cold must stay at home. This means that some students might struggle to adhere to the mandatory attendance in certain subjects, or that the instructor might have to change the education plans and host digital classes in some form or another.

During this extraordinary time, it is important that we as an institution can manage to facilitate the achievement of learning objectives for students in their respective subjects. We must also ensure that all instructors have a good enough basis for assessment of student’s achievements in the subjects that do not have final examinations.

On 1st September, the Academic Affairs Committee at NMH discussed how the Academy should handle physical absence during classes and practicals when the absence is due to symptoms of Covid-19. Similar issues related to external concerts as mandatory academic requirements, and theoretical exams were also discussed. The final decision made by the committee paves way for how we may carry out our studies this academic year.

What does this decision mean for you as a student?

  • That you must let your teacher know if you have to stay home due to symptoms of an infection of the airways.
  • That you follow potential alternative forms of tuition or academic requirements facilitated by your teacher.
  • If you have a mandatory academic requirement that involves an external concert that is impossible to carry out, you must agree on alternative methods with your teacher.
  • Everybody is responsible for keeping updated on further news and information regarding changes in tuition, academic requirements and examinations.

Academic Affairs Committee's decision of 1.9.2020


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