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New Representatives to SUT and the Board for 2022–2023

The six students who make up SUT 2021–2022 are out in the snow.
SUT 2021–2022 will soon be replaced.

Students for SUT and NMH's Board for 2022–2023 have now been elected. Here you will find out who won the election, who the candidates were and why they ran.

The students who have been elected as representatives to SUT for the academic year 2022–2023:

  • Karolina Le
  • Arian Pedersen
  • Mitra Fagerli Rahman
  • Torbjørn Haaland
  • Eirik Møller Kampen
  • Idun Gabrielle Fougner-Økland

The list of representatives for the Board will be published soon. You may also contact the election board at om if you have any questions.

SUT Candidates

Representantives to the Board 2022/2023

Students elected as ordinary members:

  • Anna Linh Berg
  • Sigmund Skjeldrum Toppe

Students elected as vara members:

  • 1. vara: Sigve Lieberg Stieng
  • 2. vara: Guro Kristine Kitterød

Candidates for the Board

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