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Coronavirus Information for students

Find updated information regarding safety instructions, campus access and link to Rektors room.

Plan from week 3

  1. Individual teaching of main instrument and accompaniment will be allowed from 20 January. It will also be possible to practice with other NMH students in groups of up to five people.
  2. From Monday 25 January we start with practical classes, and classes based on performance and movement. Keep in mind that the rules about distance and room capacity still apply, so it may be necessary to adapt the teaching, split the group, or combine physical and digital teaching.
  3. The orchestra project is unfortunately cancelled.
  4. A few other projects in week 4 will be carried out with strict infection control measures and revised program. All participants will receive information about this.
  5. We hope to get started with concerts and other events from Wednesday 10 February, but this depends on whether the local rules in Oslo will change.
  6. We also hope to allow more classes on campus from Monday 15 February, but this depends on the national restrictions. Keep in mind that many courses will continue to be delivered online even after this date

You should check TimeEdit regularly to find out what applies to you and your classes.

The following measures for the prevention of infection at NMH still apply

  1. Keep a minimum of 2 metres distance at all times.
  2. Meetings should be held digitally.
  3. Face masks must be worn in all common areas of NMH such as the entrance foyer, canteen, in lifts, stairwells and corridors.
  4. Access to NMH is until further notice reserved for students and staff. See new restrictions regarding external visitors.
  5. If you have a cold or feel unwell, please stay at home. Even if you test negatively for Covid-19, you must stay at home until completely well, and for an additional 24 hrs after your symptoms have disappeared.
  6. Everyone is responsible for ensuring they follow restrictions to prevent the spread of infection. This includes keeping their distance during tuition and classes.
  7. NMH employees should work from home unless their job makes this impractical.
  8. It is vital that everyone follows the instructions for infection control and prevention at NMH. It shows us what to do and who is responsible for what.

Frequently asked questions

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Face mask – why and how?

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