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Coronavirus Information for Students

Find updated information regarding safety instructions and campus access.

Measures for the prevention of infection

  • If you have a cold or feel unwell, please stay at home. Test yourself.
  • On suspicion that you may be infected, grab a Self-Test in the foyer.
  • Wash hands well and use Antibac.

Digital teaching or hybrid solutions

The rule is that all teaching must be physical at NMH.

NMH is today not well enough equipped for fully digital or hybrid solutions for teaching.

You are not entitled to follow teaching from other places than at NMH, unless you are entitled to adapted teaching, and even if we ask everyone to stay at home even with mild symptoms.

Special needs

If you are particularly vulnerable, and are often absent for health reasons, you may be entitled to adapted teaching. Questions can be directed to Cathrine Nymoen Dorg.

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