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Suspect you are infected with Covid 19?

In these cases, it is vitally important that you STAY AT HOME and let us know so that we can implement infection prevention measures.

If you get unwell at the campus, go home.

  1. Make sure you get tested.
    – SIO has opened a testing station on “Frederikkeplassen” at Blindern Campus ( Check the link for instructions on how to book your test.
    – You can also get tested in the municipality you live in (
  2. Send an email to
  3. Use your NMH email address (see data protection).
    Include in your email:
    – Where in NMH you have been in the last week?
    – Who you have been socializing with?
    – Have you been, or are you getting tested for Covid 19?

The Municipal doctor is responsible for tracking infection, but we need to know about your movements at NMH to prevent further infection.

If you have had close contact with someone who has been infected with Covid-19

We wish to implement further measures to limit the potential spreading of infection. If you have been at NMH you must immediately contact us on

More information in the web site of the health authorities (

Information Security/Data Protection

You can rely on that your personal data is kept confidential and not shared with external agents. Emails that belong within the NMH-domain are also secure, which is why we ask that all communication is from NMH email to NMH email, and not sent from an external email address – i.e Gmail

To ensure a safe student – and work environment, we can share information regarding infection and/or quarantine cases within the organization if we feel that the sharing of this information is necessary to maintain such an environment. However, in such case, each individual case is discussed with the health authorities. NMH will never share information about individual persons to outsiders.

Deletion of Personal Information

Any personal information processed by NMH in connection with an infection alert amongst students or staff, or amongst close contact of the aforementioned, will be permanently deleted as soon as infection tracing is completed and relevant measures implemented. This includes information pertaining to whether anyone goes home or stays home due to illness.


It is the duty and right of NMH to have an overview over the infection situation if and when it affects other students or staff at NMH. This is stipulated in the Working environment act (arbeidsmiljølø\oven) §4 – 1(1) and the Universities and University Colleges act (Universitets og Høgskoleloven) § 4-3.

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