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Low-Threshold Service for Conversations

Harpist alene på scene i helt bekmørkt rom.

The Norwegian Academy of Music has a low-threshold service for students who need someone to talk to.

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Do you feel depressed, or do you find it challenging to get up in the morning? Does it feel difficult to practise your instrument, or are you lonely? Regardless of how intense the feelings you're struggling with are, we invite you to make an appointment with our conversation partner.

Barbra Coco Laurré is available for conversations during this period, both in groups and one-to-one. You can also bring a friend with you if you want.

She has a background in the music and cultural sphere and has helpful knowledge and experience in musicians' health, psychology, motivation, and life.

Make an appointment by using the online form at the bottom of this page.

A large toolbox

Barbra Coco Laurré has 30 years of experience working with musicians and artists, and one of her core areas of interest is stress management. She also works as a psychotherapist and teaches many professionals in the health and cultural sectors. Laurré is trained in acting and other stage skills and psychotherapy and several additional areas within different types of mental and physical treatment. Since 2020 she has taught the subjects Instrumental Practice, Performance Preparation and Stage Techniques as a university lecturer at the NMH.

Laurré is interested in helping musicians to develop their talent in the best possible way. The feeling of inadequacy or defeat is something that many people have experienced in a field with high expectations of achievement from both themselves and others. She tries to transform the tendency many people have to compare themselves with others into something positive in the life of a musician, which will help them develop.

“Comparisons, and not feeling good enough, are things most people probably recognise in themselves, which we can teach them to use constructively by asking questions, learning and being inspired,” she explains.

She also focuses on the expectation that musicians are supposed to love what they are doing at all times. Even in regular times, the pressure to always be enthusiastic can impact one’s motivation.

“We must learn to practise our instruments in ways that are not based on anxiety or create negative stress patterns.”

“The feeling of defeat or inadequacy doesn’t promote growth, so we want to get rid of it.”

Barbra Coco Laurré Conversation partner at the NMH.
Portrettbilde av Barbra Laurree som smiler.

After many years in the field, she has a large toolbox to use when she meets clients. Nevertheless, she believes that sometimes it doesn’t take much to reverse negative development.

“Sometimes all a person needs is a conversation, a little inspiration, to make things easier and revive their energy.”

Laurré recognises that music students are worried about the future.

“But the feeling of defeat or inadequacy doesn’t promote growth, so we want to get rid of it.”

Practical information

  • Be aware that this is a low-threshold service, not a clinical treatment.
  • The conversation partner is required to maintain confidentiality.
  • Remember that you can also get in touch with your student contact for conversations.
  • Fill out the form below. We will respond within one working day.
  • Bachelor’s and Master’s students will be given priority.

Fill out the form

The form will be sent to Cathrine Nymoen Dorg in the Academic Affairs and Research section. The form will be deleted after three weeks.

If you have ticked “I want to put the group together myself, or conduct the conversation together with a friend”, write the name/names here.

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