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Concerts and events for the academic year 2023–24

As we prepare for the anniversary in the academic year 2023–2024, the usual practice of registering concerts, events and projects will be a bit different. Here you can find the details.

Deadline for main season program Fall 2023

The deadline for booking for the main season program Fall 2023, was June 4th. There are no more concert options other than the "rehearsal concerts" this semester, but please submit concerts for the spring term.

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Season planning and registrations

The Norwegian Academy of Music celebrates 50 years in the academic year 2023–2024. We will mark the occasion with a special anniversary programme.

This means that the routines, deadlines and planning for concerts and events will be slightly different this time. The forms for requesting concerts and projects are published earlier than usual and for the whole academic year at once. We will do the booking and follow-up consecutively. Consequently, this period will be more characterised by "first come, first served" than normally. At the same time, we will put aside time and resources for ordinary study activities, such as rehearsal concerts, class concerts and other study-related activities.

What is different when planning the academic year 2023–2024?

  • The forms for requesting concerts and projects, are available from January/February, instead of April/May.
  • We will not wait until after a certain deadline to book concerts, events and projects, but book consecutively as we receive the registrations.
  • We will still make room for the "low threshold" activities (class concerts, rehearsal concerts, master concerts and internal events). All events need not be related to the anniversary; we will still primarily conduct and communicate education and research.
  • We will not "fill up" the calendar completely now for the whole academic year, we will keep openings for requests until ordinary deadline which normally takes place in october/november.
  • While planning ordinary activities, we encourage you to focus especially on the anniversary, and tie the concert or project to the anniversary, if possible. You can do that through for instance a particular historical perspective on the institution, earlier concerts or projects, historical development or the present or the future, and put it into an anniversary context.

Which concerts and events do we prioritise in the academic year 2023–2024?

  • Concerts directly tied to instruction, courses, course requirements or ongoing research projects will be the highest priority.
  • We will also prioritise concerts will a thought-out artistic profile and a clear idea, as well as projects will collaborations across genres, groups or study programmes. The same goes for projects that focus especially on diversity in gender or culture.
  • Projects focusing on the anniversary will be particularly prioritised, and also get the opportunity for extra publicity through the additional anniversary programme.

What and where must I register, and how does it work?

Affiliation with subjects and course requirements

Concerts directly related to studies and or R&D will be booked for this semester. It must tell us about the specific project affiliation to be prioritized.


When you get your concert confirmed and booked, we will give you a new deadline to provide information and marketing photos. Would you please send this information to

The printed concert folder

All concerts will not be included in the printed, official program. Concerts with a well-thought-out musical profile and good information will be prioritised.


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