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You can now play the game “student life during Corona”

The game is developed to ease student life by dealing with topics like stress, loneliness and academic structure.

Available now for students at NMH, the game is developed by in collaboration with students, and contains tips, life hacks and tackles other subjects like good sleep, house sharing, home study, staying active, planning, cooperation with others, finding that inner calm and the general ups and downs that life can throw our way.

How to access the game

Download the app «Attensi Skills», register your mobile phone number and play “student life during corona”

You could win a Macbook

At the end of the semester you could win a Macbook air. Play and reach 5 stars in all modules, and you could be one of three winners

Who is behind this? has developed the game. They have based it on the issues that students themselves say they currently struggle with, and developed the game in collaboration with a select group of students from NTNU, HINN, NMBU, UiO and OsloMet. is produced by and for universities, university colleges and research institutions, therein NMH. The website contains courses and information about everything, ranging from travel and how to identify internet scamming, through to first aid, fire safety, and dealing with harassment and violence.


Do you have questions? Contact the Student Assistents.

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