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Position as a Student Assistant

NMH has been looking for an involved student who, together with the two existing student assistants, will establish student unions and implement arenas for social events. The application deadline was 13 March 2022.

What the job is about

Student assistants have two main tasks:

  1. Preparing the conditional framework of student unions at NMH and the implementation of these as soon as possible.
  2. Planning, facilitating and implementing arenas for social gatherings and interactions for all students at NMH.

The student assistants will invite students to partake in several small and more significant social gatherings throughout the spring and autumn semesters in 2022.


We are looking for someone with a commitment to the student environment, who enjoys teamwork, has good ideas, and is capable of setting things in motion.

You must be a student at NMH, preferably both spring and autumn semesters 2022.


  • The position is 20–30% (8 to 12 hours a week). Some weeks may be busier, some weeks less so.
  • Salary as a student assistant (pay grade 26, which equals NOK 168,40 an hour).
  • Duration 1 April to 31 December 2022.

The team of student assistants will work under NMHs Student administration but work in close dialogue with SUT.

This scheme is part of a package of measures issued by the government and lasts until 31 December 2022.


E-mail either Cathrine Nymoen Dorg at or SUT at

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