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Vaccine for Students

The City of Oslo is responsible for offering the vaccine to everyone who is living in Oslo. This also applies to students who are not officially registered as residents of Oslo.

If you are not officially registered as living in Oslo, you must register for it yourself. Your registration for the vaccine means that the municipality has the correct contact information, and you can be called in for the vaccine more easily.

If you do not have Bank-ID or a Norwegian national identification number

If you do not have Bank-ID, you will not log on to the self-registration pages. If this is the case, here is how you can register for the vaccine:

  • Call the coronavirus helpline at +47 21 80 21 82. Choose the “vaksine/vaccine” option.
  • The coronavirus helpline will put you in contact with the vaccination centre in the district of the city where you live.
  • The coronavirus helpline can help you in 23 different languages and also has access to an interpretation service.

Students who are living in different municipalities when they take the first and second doses of the vaccine

The main rule is that the first and second doses should be administered in the same place. According to the City of Oslo, it can be not easy to make individual exceptions and adaptations. Still, there might be some readjustment this autumn when the new semester has begun.

Students enrolled in exchange programmes or going to study abroad should be offered both doses before they leave Norway. The NIPH (the Norwegian Institute of Public Health) writes in its information letter about summer vaccinations.

Unfortunately, at this time, the City of Oslo cannot provide information as to how this will be implemented in practice.

Questions about the vaccine

If you have questions about the vaccine in Oslo, you can contact the coronavirus helpline at +47 21 80 21 82.

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