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The attack in Oslo – need someone to talk to?

Dear NMH students. We are all shaken by the tragic shooting in Oslo Friday night that hit the Pride celebration so hard.

Such incidents can be difficult to deal with. If you need someone to talk to, there are options.

Advisers from SiO Health

SiO Health will have advisers available Monday to Friday during the day in the coming week and prioritize those who need to talk about issues connected with the shooting. Students can come in groups, with someone else or alone and do not need to book an appointment in advance.

Open door

At NMH, we will in the next few days keep room 208 open for those of you who want to gather and talk about the recent events.


We also remind you that there are several helplines, chat services and support groups that are open in the evenings and on weekends. Here you can share thoughts and feelings anonymously, and get support, advice and guidance.

Take care of each other and celebrate summer, music and love where you are!

We will meet up again at NMH at an angle and much more in the autumn.

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