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Tips for Facing Winter

Sunset under dark clouds and dark landscape. November darkness. View over Oslo from Grefsen.
Oslo in November.

Winter in Norway is long. Some people find this period challenging, while others enjoy winter activities and cosy moments on the couch. It's common to feel tired and down this time of the year.

Tips for Dealing with the Dark Season

1. Varied Mood

With reduced access to sunlight, our best source of vitamin D disappears. This can affect mood and make you feel more down. Vitamin D has several crucial bodily functions and can protect us from various diseases, including the flu. Low levels of vitamin D can also cause symptoms of depression. Therefore, take fish oil (omega 3 + vitamin A - D-E) throughout the year and extra vitamin D from September to April.

2. Daylight Prevents Low Spirits

A good self-help suggestion is to walk in the middle of the day during daylight, preferably during lunch. Lack of light tricks the brain into thinking it's nighttime, making us more tired. Bring a colleague or friend and go for a brisk walk!

3. Ensure Adequate Sleep

During this time of the year, many people need more sleep. The hormone melatonin controls our circadian rhythm and is released at night. The brain produces more melatonin in the dark season, making us sleepier.

4. Invite Someone Over

Many of us tend to stay indoors more during this season, becoming less social. While some find this a welcome change, remember that being social can prevent feelings of downheartedness.

5. Communicate

Remember that you can make a difference for someone else. Be open to talking with someone who needs it. You don't need to solve their problems, but having a listening ear can be crucial.

Musician's Health

On the Musician's health website (, you'll find information about what NMH (Norwegian Academy of Music) can offer, including links to services and courses at SiO Health. Also, note that students, scholarship holders, and staff receive discounts at SiO's fitness centres.

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