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Musicians’ health

Musicians and music students score highly on health-related problems. How can we prevent it? What is the NMH doing to support its students’ physical and mental health?

The NMH can help prevent problems and provide information

As an educational institution, the NMH wants its students to know how they can prevent problems and look after their health. We do so mostly through the tuition we provide, but the academy also offers additional services to students struggling with physical and mental challenges.

SiO services

The student welfare organisation SiO offers mental health and therapy services with psychologists and public health nurses. SiO doctors and dentists are also available to all students in Oslo.

Tips for good musicians’ health

  1. Take breaks from practising. The main thing is to not keep repeating the same movement for too long at a time.
  2. Do something completely different. It’s important to take time out, go to the cinema, climb a mountain, go kayaking, play with the dog or cuddle with your boyfriend/girlfriend.
  3. Use your entire body. Stiff muscles don’t always need to rest. A training session that makes you break sweat can sometimes be just as beneficial.
  4. Talk to someone. Are you stressed, under pressure or apprehensive about something? Do you feel you’re not good enough, that you’re not coping? Talk to someone before the problem gets out of hand.


The foundations for good musicians’ health are laid while you are still a student. Students must acquire good habits when it comes to prevention, early intervention and rational and good coping strategies for health issues, both physical and mental.

Are Brean neurologist and associate professor at the NMH

Health-related courses

These courses are designed to improve your health and teach you techniques you will come to rely on for the rest of your career. Some of the courses are mandatory for Foundation Level bachelor students. Others are electives for Advanced Level bachelor and master students.


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