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Semester Registration

Both newly admitted and returning students must pay a semester fee and register for courses every semester.

Semester fee and registration

You have to register in Studentweb and pay the semester fee every semester you attend the Academy. For the academic year 2022-2023, the fee will amount to 600 NOK per semester and it helps fund The Foundation for Student Life in Oslo and Akershus's (SiO) student welfare services. The fee does not apply to exchange students, and expenses for textbooks, study trips and the like are not included.
From the Autumn semester 2023 the semester fee will increase to 690 NOK per semester

When you have followed the steps below, you will get a student ID and be registered as an active student at the Academy and in Lånekassen. It is only after this you are granted a loan and a scholarship from Lånekassen.

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