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Leaving Your Studies

Are you in doubt as to whether you want to continue your studies, or have you decided to stop studying? Here you can read about alternatives and options, and will find the form you need to fill out to register that you are leaving.

Are you in doubt?

Leaving your studies completely is not the only choice you have. It could be wise to consider your decision very carefully and to look at other options before you make a final decision.

If you have decided to leave your studies

Fill out the form

You will not receive confirmation that your studies have ended, or receive a transcript of records. Remember that you must submit a new application if you decide to begin to study again later.

Transcript of records

You can find your transcript of records under the “Results” page on Studentweb or at Vitnemålsportalen (Diploma registry). Your student account will be closed on the date your study programme ends.

Leaving your studies will have no effect on your future applications for higher education.

Do you still have questions?

Get in touch if you have any questions.