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The Norwegian Academy of Music has many exchange agreements with educational institutions abroad. Remember to plan your studies abroad well in advance!

Travel abroad!

Take advantage of the opportunities offered – we can help you plan your exchange.

We keep contact and exchange agreements with several institutions abroad in order to make international exchange simpler and safer for our students.

Your study programme at the foreign institution must be approved before you go.

Who can travel?

At NMH, you can apply to go on exchange during the 3rd or 4th year of all bachelor's programmes (only the 4th year for students in the bachelor's programme in music education) and in the 1st or 2nd year of all master's programmes. The application deadline is 15 February in the academic year before you wish to go on exchange.

A prerequisite for being allowed to travel on exchange is that you are on track with subjects and study credits. It means that:

  • if you are going on exchange in your third year of your bachelor's degree, you must have completed the first department before you leave.
  • if you are going on exchange in your fourth year of the bachelor's degree in music education, you must have completed all 1st, 2nd and 3rd-year subjects before you leave.
  • if you are going on exchange during your first year as a master's student, you must have completed your bachelor's degree before you leave. You must apply before 15 February, even if you have don't yet know whether you have been admitted to the master's programme.
  • if you are going on exchange during your second year as a master's student, you must have completed the course MUSPER71 Music in Perspective before you travel.
  • if you already have a dispensation for the current academic year, subjects must be completed as described in the dispensation decision before you travel.

Contact your student adviser if you are unsure whether you are on schedule, or to make a plan for how you can get on schedule before departure

How to apply

Duration and progress

Duration and progress of your programme need not be affected by going abroad.

If you take advantage of our established programmes and exchange agreements, your studies abroad can fulfil the credit requirements and courses you would otherwise have obtained at the Academy. The exchange period will thereby not affect the duration of your programme and time of graduation.

Useful institutions and organisations

What funding can you get?

As an exchange student from NMH, you will usually not have to pay tuition fees to the host institution. There may be exceptions at some institutions outside Europe.

Norwegian students are entitled to support from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund and may also qualify for grants to cover travel and living costs (and potential tuition fees) from various organisations.

Other grants

Other grants and bursaries often operate with early application deadlines. You should look into such grants and bursaries in good time, ideally a year before your planned exchange.