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What is Canvas, what can you find on this platform, what do you use it for and how?

What is Canvas?

Canvas is the Academy's preferred learning platform that is used in most subjects.

You log in with your usual NMH-username and -password (FEIDE).

Download the app

You should download the app so that you are up to date on the activity on Canvas. You can also use Canvas for your project and as an arena for colloquium groups and discussion forums with fellow students. In this way, you and your fellow students can benefit from both the teaching and the curriculum.

Overview of absenteeism and schedule

With Canvas, you can also get a better overview of issues, workflows and task submissions. TimeEdit calendar is also directly transferred to the Canvas calendar to have a complete overview in one place.

Other digital tools

We have created a Canvas subject as a resource for better use of the Academy's digital tools. There you will find descriptions of the most common functions in Canvas and some tips and tricks about other digital devices.

You may also visit the course made by USN (below). It is even more detailed when it comes to the use of Canvas.

Online training

There is no dedicated training for students at NMH in the use of Canvas, but there are other college students who have created open training courses online. If you want training in Canvas I recommend a course developed at the University College of Southeast Norway (only in Norwegian):

Do you need help with Canvas?

Please write to