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Print, Copy and Scan

Your access card is also your copy card. How to activate your copy card, print, scan and copy on the academy's printers.

How to activate your access card for printing and copying

Your access card (NMH student card) is also your copying and printing card.

  • Printername at NMH:

If you lose your access card, please email immediately.

  1. The first time you attempt to print while logged into the academy network, a PUK code will be sent to your academy e-mail address. Or you can log on to your Safecom account, and select settings for card / PUK code (you can also delete old cards from your account).
  2. Bring your access card and PUK code to a printer.
  3. Swipe your card. The display will indicate “Ukjent Bruker”. (If the display is black, touch to activate). Enter your PUK code and press "OK".
  4. Choose and enter your new personal PIN, four numbers, and press "OK". Repeat new PIN (once the card is activated, you will not need to use the PIN again) and press "OK" to activate your card.

Your card is now ready for use.


Scanning documents

Copy documents and papers