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Zoom allows you to have video meetings with others. You can share screen, participate by phone and chat.

How to get access to Zoom?

You can use Zoom on the most common operating systems and smartphones.

  1. Download and install Zoom.
  2. Start Zoom.
  3. Select "Sign in with SSO".
  4. Enter norgesmusikkhogskole under Company Domain.
  5. Log into Zoom with your NMH username and password (Feide).

How to switch Zoom user

If you have already signed into Zoom with a basic license ("basic"), you may switch to the Academy's licence.

  1. Click on the profile photograph (top right corner) when you are logged into the downloadable Zoom software.
  2. Select "Switch Account".
  3. Select "Sign in with SSO".
  4. Enter "norgesmusikkhøgskole" (with the letter o and not ø) under Company Domain.

Troubles with Zoom?

Contact IT at or Rasmus Kjær: