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Chat via Teams

From autumn 2024, NMH is introducing chat in Teams as the main way to communicate simple messages and announcements between students and teachers - when Canvas and email are not sufficient.

About chat in general

Pay attention at the start of the study, and feel free to install the app on your mobile and PC now.

Why Teams?

At NMH, teachers and students should not communicate via SMS, or via WhatsApp, Messenger - chat from Meta/Facebook, Google, and others, and we should generally avoid using communication tools that NMH has not purchased.

Installing the chat app from Teams

Microsoft Teams is a large communication and collaboration platform where NMH has decided to use the chat function to arrange and exchange messages between teachers and students - where Canvas and NMH's email are not sufficient. Teams is actually a much larger platform with many more features, but we focus here on the chat function.

Why chat via Teams?

Chat has become an established form of communication in society, and at NMH we want to avoid messages and announcements going via private channels. Canvas should still be our learning platform, and to get a case processed you must use email or contact the administration at the reception for guidance. When students and teachers use chat from Teams, communication will be faster and safer.

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