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Chat via Teams for simple messages

NMH is introducing chat in Teams as the main way to communicating simple messages and notices between students and teachers - especially principal instrument teachers - when Canvas and email are not sufficient.

Introducing chat via MS Teams

Learn how to schedule/postpone chat messages in Teams ( NMH, teachers and students should not communicate via SMS, Messenger, WhatsApp and similar chat services. Instead, move the conversation over to chat with Teams - it's easily accessible on mobile and PC/MAC, and is a well-known tool that is easy to use.

It's the staff and teachers at NMH who are responsible for ensuring that communication takes place correctly in the right channels - not the students. In the guides below, you can get tips on how the solutions can be used.

Why chat via Teams?

At NMH, we do not want messages and announcements between students and teachers going through private channels such as SMS and Messenger, WhatsApp and the like. Chat has become an established form of communication in society, and chat via MS Teams are taken care of data protection and privacy.

  • Canvas is the learning platform at NMH. Permanent content that applies to the teaching situation, various tasks, exam information and the like should be in Canvas.
  • To have a question or case formally processed, you must still use email and contact the administration for further guidance. We also do not use chat via Teams here.
  • All students and employees at NMH already have access to chat via Teams, and you use this channel for simple messages and announcements about postponed hours and the like.