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What is Studentweb and how to use it.

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How to use Studentweb

Studentweb is where you can access and manage all your registered academic and personal information. Course and semester registrations, semester payments, exam results, registered mailing address and personal contact details are available through Studentweb.

Change personal details in Studentweb

You have to make sure your name and ID number are up to date on your student card, transcript, diploma, and other information from NMH. The data registered about you in "My profile" in Studentweb can be updated in different ways.

Report changes

You can report changes to your name and/or Norwegian ID number in the form below.

  • Name change: Fill in every entry field. The numbers 6 and 7 are where you have to enter your new name.
  • Report Norwegian ID number: Fill out all the mandatory entry fields as well as number 5.
  • Correct spelling of your name: Fill out all the mandatory entry fields.
  • Correct your date of birth: Fill out all the mandatory entry fields.

What you enter in the form below will be sent to an NMH e-mail address and will be processed by the Studentweb responsible. We do not store any data from this form in our CMS or website servers.

Enter your NMH student number (6 digits).
Enter your current first (and middle) name.
Enter your current last name.
Enter your Norwegian ID number (11 digits).
If you are registering a name change: Enter your former first (and middle) name.
If you are registering a name change: Enter your former last name.
Select file
Upload either a letter from the National Registry which confirms name change and/or Norwegian ID number, or a copy of your passport.

Do you need help?

Please e-mail us at