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Leave of Absence

You may require leave of absence some time during your studies. Leave of absence must have a minimum duration of one semester, and can be permitted for up to a maximum of one academic year or two consecutive semesters.

It is not possible to apply for leave of absence before you embark on a study program. If you are granted leave, you must personally submit written confirmation that you will resume your studies by the deadline given.

You may apply for three variations of leave, which each have different guidelines and regulations.

Three Types of Leave

How to Apply for Leave of Absence

All applications for leave are sent to

If you are applying for leave due to welfare issues or for Academic leave, you must elaborate on the reasons for applying. You must also submit a plan for how you intend to complete your studies. This type of application will be assessed and processed by the committee for academic affairs.

The decision regarding your application will be sent to your NMH email address. Please be aware that applications that are processed by the Committee for Academic Affairs may take somewhat longer.