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Participate in a study about practice habits and well-being

You are hereby invited to participate in an international study that will investigate relations among aspiring performers´ practice habits, and physical and psychological well-being (or lack thereof).

How is basic motivation and psychological needs in aspiring musicians, top athletes and dancers´ related to the way they practice and perform? And how is this in turn related to fatigue, injury prevention, worry about performing and use of potentially performance enhancing substances? This is the first study to investigate these questions both within music and across disciplines such as performing arts, and elite sports. The study is expected to have implications for preventive work related to mental and physical well-being among performers across disciplines.

The study will be implemented in The UK, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

The study is expected to have implications for preventive work related to mental and physical well-being in musicians, athletes and dancers. The study will also contribute to openness towards motivational and health-related issues among musicians, which have been taboo within certain professional realms.

The researchers want to know more about how practice and performance routines are related to general motivation and well-being among aspiring musicians. You will receive a request for filling in the survey three times: November 2021, April/May 2022 and November 2022. Filling in the questionnaire three times enables us to investigate potential trends across the data set.

How do aspiring musicians’ practice one month prior to an exam versus 6 months before? How does this relate to music students´ perception of worry, physical fatigue, motivation and potential substance use? These questions would not be possible with only one measure point.

Informed consent

Your participation in this research is voluntary, and you may withdraw from the study at any time if you wish. By submitting a completed questionnaire, however, you are giving your informed consent to participate in this study. Your participation is highly valuable, and we very much appreciate your time and dedication.

What will we do with your data?

The data you provide will be anonymous (separated from your name) and confidential (not disclosed to anyone else). We may publish reports based on my findings, but you will not be identifiable from the data included. The data will be stored securely on Nettskjema, a cloud- based electronic survey-system secured and encrypted by The University of Oslo. All data will be stored anonymously and encrypted for 3 years. If we wish to re-use your data within this time period, we will seek your permission to do so. At the end of the period your data will be destroyed.

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