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TONO Reports

All public events hosted by NMH is reported to TONO, the Norwegian collection society/performing rights organization. We report per semester.

You are responsible

You as responsible for one of our concerts or events where music is performed live is also responsible for registration.

You can do this in one of two ways:

1. Submit the complete program through the form to NMH Production.

Report performed repertoire using the form to NMH Production.
At the beginning of each month, NMH Production sends a reminder to report performed repertoire at concerts arranged by NMH, for all concerts in the previous month. This is sent to our contact person for the event. The contact person is responsible for reporting the program. The form must be reported in all cases.

At the end of the semester, all concert programs are reported to TONO.

Important! Please be careful and include both the title and composer as accurately as possible, remember to include arranger and other relevant information.

2. Submit the complete program directly to TONO

You can submit the complete, performed concert program directly to TONO after the event.

When you do it this way, TONO will cross-check the submission with the events reported by NMH (as mentioned in point 1). If the concert is not on our list, no remuneration will be paid. Therefore, it is crucial that the concert is also published on, which is the basis of our report.

When you submit it yourself, you can skip all of the fields for audience, ticket revenue, and so on in TONO's form – we will take care of that as the responsible organizer.