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TONO Reports

All public events hosted by NMH is reported to TONO, the Norwegian collection society/performing rights organization. We report per semester.

You are responsible

You as responsible for one of our concerts or events where music is performed live is also responsible for registration.

You can do this in one of two ways:

1. Send complete program before the concert takes place´╗┐

Send the complete concert program to before the concert takes place.

When you do this, we'll also publish the program to the event at At the end of the semester, all concerts and the programs that we have been reported to TONO directly.

If we have no detailed program, only title/time/date/place will be reported.


Please make sure you write complete info including title and composer

2. Send complete program directly to TONO

Send the complete concert program directly to TONO after the concert has taken place.

When you do this, TONO will check this against NMH's report. If the concert is not included in our report, then no fee will be settled, so the concert must also be published on Please ignore all fields regarding audience, tickets etc. in TONOs form.


Make sure you use the same title on your report as published at