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The election to SUT is going on now

SUT 2022–2023. From left: Arian Pedersen, Karolina Le Idun Gabrielle Fougner-Økland, Torbjørn Haaland, Mitra Fagerli Rahman og Eirik Møller Kampen.

You decide who will replace this gang. Until Sunday, 7 May at 23:59, you can vote for candidates for the Student Committee (SUT).

How to choose?

The election is electronic. Follow this link to, log in with your Feide password and vote.

The results of the election will be published next week.

These stand for election to SUT

The Student Committee (SUT)

SUT is the students at the Norwegian Academy of Music's voice in student matters, having a running dialogue with the academic and administrative management at the Academy. SUT also hosts social events for the students at the school. In addition, SUT controls the locker area, manages rehearsal rooms, is responsible for the social program during the start-up week and assists during the admission weeks.

We will elect a total of six representatives to SUT, of which three positions are paid, and three are not. Each representative must sit for one year, and the six elected candidates determine the positions internally after the election. Each newly elected SUT has great freedom to design their work tasks and structure, yet, the different roles have some typical areas of responsibility.

These stand for election to board

Student representatives in the Board

The Board is the Norwegian Academy of Music's highest-ranking committee. The Board has eleven members, and two of these are students. While the rest of the board members are elected for four years, the student representatives are elected for one year at a time. Two ordinary members and two deputies are to be elected, and there shall be one male and one female of both ordinary and deputy members. Being on the Board is an honoured position and involves

  • reading the meeting documents thoroughly before each meeting and doing the necessary research; that includes keeping a good dialogue with SUT and the student mass before and after the meetings
  • attend about four board meetings a year, plus several other meetings in addition
  • contribute with the student perspective at the meetings

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