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Emergency and Safety Resources

Emergency telephone numbers, fire instructions and emergency and safety resources on student field trips. Fire: 110. Police: 112. Ambulance: 113.

Emergency Telephone Numbers

In urgent situations, call an emergency department immediately. Notify of address, building and your location (Norwegian Academy of Music, Slemdalsveien 11).

Fire instructions

Help abroad

  • Call the local emergency number.
  • Call +47 95 11 91 81 – The Norwegian Seamen's Church Emergency Contact Line (open 24/7).
  • Contact your insurance agency.

Remember to complete the student/staff travel form when travelling with NMH. Never travel without insurance. Carry your HELFO (European Health Insurance) Card whenever travelling within the EEA.

Tip: Download the emergency number app from The Norwegian Seamen's Church.

Emergency & Safety Resources on Student Field Trips