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European Cre­at­ive Futures

  • Year of study: Two semesters, fall and spring. Thursdays 9:00 – 10:30.
  • Final assessment: Assessment from the course coordinator.
  • Language of instruction: Norwegian and English.

Course description

The course is a transdisciplinary, international project collaboration between musicians/composers/producers and students of other arts, and PR/economics/technology from five different schools. Students participate in an “Intensive Project” (IP); 8 days during 8 weeks consisting of lectures, tasks and practical interdisciplinary cooperation. Student preparatory work is done in advance. After the IP, students write a reflection paper, including the delivered ECF group work.

IP will be arranged digitally 8 Fridays starting from February 19. to April 15.

Five member institutions take turns arranging the IP:

  • The Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo, Norway
  • Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Lahti, Finland
  • Munster Technology University, Cork, Ireland
  • Utrecht University of Applied Science, Holland
  • Solent University, Southampton, United Kingdom

The course is open to all students; however, Master students are preferred.

Responsible department: Brass, Woodwind and Percussion Department

Course coordinator: Andreas Sønning.

Learning objectives

On completion of the course, students are expected to:

  • be able to work with interdisciplinary projects where music plays an important part.
  • show basic skills in project planning, PR and economics.
  • show the ability to reflect on challenges and working conditions in various occupational groups represented in the course, in an international context.
  • show the ability for interdisciplinary work.


  • Developing a portfolio.
  • Presentation of students’ artistic profiles.
  • Collaboration with students interdisciplinary and internationally.
  • Project planning, PR and financing.
  • Conditions in the labour market for various occupational groups participating in the course.


Teaching resource from NMH is 90 min/week for 10 weeks given as lectures in preparation before and during the IP, and two 90 min lectures following it. Before the IP 8 Fridays, students will develop presentations of themselves and their work.

Individual supervision will be given in advance and during the IP course.

Course requirements

1. Attendance to the digital lectures at NMH and the lectures and group work during the IP course is mandatory

2. Students will hand in presentation material to be distributed digitally before the IP course

3. Students will hold an individual artistic/academic presentation of their portfolio during the course, called Arts Corner.

4. Students will hand in a portfolio, including:

  • Presentation material developed for the IP course
  • Documentation of the project from the group work (sound/images/examples of any finished products)
  • Written reflection paper about the project

Deadline: All course requirement must be fulfilled by 15 May in the second course semester.

Final assessment

All course requirements must be approved before obtaining a final assessment.

Assessment is based on learning objectives. The final assessment will be given as a pass/fail mark, which will be determined by the course leader based on each student’s level of achievement throughout the course period.

New assessment

In the case of re-assessment, students must retake the course.

Published: Apr 3, 2020 — Last updated: Mar 23, 2021