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Jazz Per­cus­sion Ensemble I and II

  • Year of study: One semester, fall or spring.
  • Final assessment: Assessment from the course coordinator.
  • Prerequisites: Possible audition. JZSLAGEN20 is prerequisite to JZSLAGEN21.
  • Language of instruction: Norwegian or English.

Course description

Students play in a jazz percussion ensemble. The aim is to stimulate the rhythmic understanding, challenging rhythmic concepts and make the students autonomous and creative when interacting with other drummers.

Course coordinator: Thomas Strønen.

Learning objectives

Upon completion of the course, students are expected to

  • be able to play rhythmic parts and counterparts of high complexity with other percussionists
  • be able to perform autonomous rhythmic phrasings that challenge and complement polyphonic patterns
  • have a solid understanding of polyrhythms, poly metrics and time signatures when playing with others
  • be able to adapt musically to rhythmical and textural environments with a solid understanding of ensemble playing and musical placement
  • be able to initiate and influence group dynamics in a rhythmical way and in regard to form, with a basis in learned methods and aesthetics
  • have an understanding of and can use group methods based on signs, learned progressions and spontaneous conducting


The course includes

  • introduction to the use of various percussion instruments
  • exercises in improvisation
  • rehearsal alone and in an ensemble
  • presentation of the field, historical and practical
  • concert performances


The course includes weekly rehearsals lasting 4 periods, in addition to concerts (at least once each semester) and workshops.

The tuition is based on aural interpretation in interaction with the percussion group.

Course requirements

Attendance in class and concerts is compulsory.

Final assessment

All course requirements must be approved prior to obtaining a final assessment.

Students are assessed in correspondence to the learning objectives of the course. The final assessment is expressed with the grades pass/fail, and set by the course teacher on the basis of individual assessment of the student’s skills throughout the course period.

New assessment

Students who do not pass the course must attend the course in its entirety again.

Published: May 19, 2020 — Last updated: Feb 4, 2021