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Jazz Ensemble

  • ECTS: 2 per project.
  • Year of study: Projects.
  • Final assessment: Assessment from the course coordinator.
  • Language of instruction: Norwegian and/or English.

Course description

The students will play in a jazz ensemble. The ensemble is project-based, with a new lineup for each project, and 3-4 projects a year. Each project lasts appr. 1 week, and gives the student 2 ECTS credits. One or more projects can be part of the compulsory course "Prosjektensemble" for jazz students, without extra ECTS credits.

The ensemble is open for all students, but jazz students will be prioritised. Admission to the course depends on the line ups for various projects.

Registration of participation takes place at the end of the academic year.

Learning objectives

Upon completion of the course, students are expected to

  • have knowledge of rhythmic, harmonic and textural aspects of playing in jazz ensembles
  • have an understanding of work methods in a jazz ensemble
  • be able to relate to music forms where improvisation and freedom of interpretation of notated music is central


Playing in NMH's jazz ensemble provide the students with first-hand knowledge of both standard repertoire and various styles within this ensemble type. The main emphasis is the newer compositions/arrangements. As far as possible, part of the repertoire will be newly composed, preferably by students at the Academy.

The course includes several big-band projects and various other types of ensembles.


The course is taught mainly on a project basis, with 4-5 hours of instruction per day during the project week. In addition, students are expected to rehearse both individually and in groups.

Prior to each year of study the course coordinator set up a proposal for projects which can be completed during the academic year. The selected projects' scope and content is further defined by the course coordinator and the teacher for each project.

Course requirements

  1. Attendance is compulsory.
  2. Each project must be documented by concert(s) and/or sound recording.

Final assessment

All coursework requirements must be approved prior to obtaining a final assessment.

Students are assessed in correspondence to the learning objectives of the course. The final assessment is expressed with the grades pass/fail, and set by the course teacher on the basis of individual assessment of the student’s skills throughout the course period.

New assessment

Students who do not pass the course must complete an additional project.

Study component

Published: Apr 3, 2020 — Last updated: Feb 3, 2021