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Nor­d­ic Har­mony

  • Course level: Bachelor/master.
  • Year of study: Project.
  • Final assessment: Assessment from the course coordinator.
  • Language of instruction: Norwegian/English.

Course description

Nordic Harmony is a chamber orchestra consisting of strings and winds. It was started and is run, by students at the Norwegian Academy of Music and the Barratt Due Institute of Music. Students who are interested in joining a project can make their interest known in an email to the Nordic Harmony Board. They are responsible for admissions to the ensemble.

The course is project-based. There are 2–3 projects per academic year, each project is worth 2 ECTS. The projects consist of rehearsals over a period of 1–2 weeks, closing with a concert.

Course coordinator: Are Sandbakken.

Learning objectives

On completion of the course, students are expected to

  • be able to convey chamber music repertoire in an interesting and creative way
  • demonstrate confidence in the genre when playing in an ensemble


The ensemble will work with a varied repertoire including music from several time periods and genres.


The course is led by students. Rehearsals take place during projects and are usually instructed by Academy teachers. There will be group rehearsals and individual rehearsals in addition. Nordic Harmony tries to complete 2-3 projects per year.

Course requirements

  1. Mandatory attendance for all rehearsals and performances during a project. Students are expected to be prepared for rehearsals and to contribute actively.
  2. Mandatory attendance in the closing concert of a project.

Final assessment

All course requirements must be approved prior to obtaining a final assessment.

Assessment is based on learning objectives. The final assessment is given as a pass/fail mark, which is determined by the course coordinator based on each student’s level of achievement throughout the course period.

New assessment

In the case of re-assessment, students must retake the course (that is one project).

Published: May 19, 2020 — Last updated: Apr 8, 2022