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Song Inter­pret­a­tion

  • Course level: Bachelor/master.
  • Year of study: Two semesters, fall and spring.
  • Final assessment: Assessment by the course instructor.
  • Language of instruction: Norwegian or English.

Course description

The course provides piano and song students with the opportunity to specialize in song interpretation. Pianist and singer form a permanent duo and will gain insight into core repertoire from various eras and language areas, focusing on interpretation.

Allocation of the course depends on the applicants' possibilities to combine to duos.

Responsible department: Piano, Accompaniment, Guitar and Accordion Department.

Course coordinator: Matti Hirvonen.

Learning objectives

Upon completion of the course, students are expected to

  • have experience in and knowledge of different aspects of cooperation in art song
  • have knowledge of the fundamental rehearsal work required of both parties
  • be able to formulate and communicate relevant rehearsal issues
  • have insight into a broad repertoire from various eras and language areas
  • have a conscious attitude to the poem's subject matter
  • through their practice, understand that pianist and singer together must take responsibility for the artistic whole


  • Playing in piano and song duos with the interaction in focus.
  • Individual instruction for both singer and pianist, with mandatory participation for both parties.
  • Awareness of the pianist's role in the art song duo.
  • Poetry Analysis and textual comprehension.
  • Exercises in oral concert presentations.


The course is organized with individual duo lessons and joint seminars. The tuition of the duo is 30 minutes per week for 24 weeks, and the seminars 90 minutes for 12 weeks. Some of the tuition may be organized in other ways if appropriate, such as listening to accompaniment tuition, and visits to art song concerts.

Course requirements

  1. Participation is compulsory for all instruction. More than 20 % of absence will normally result in a failing mark.
  2. Students must participate in a minimum of two concerts during the study year. The concerts must include oral presentations of the pieces.
  3. Students must submit a survey of rehearsed and performed repertoire with a scope of 20-30 minutes.
  4. Students will submit two written papers on their rehearsal work at a deadline determined by the course instructor. Scope: approx 500 words.

Deadline: All course requirements must be approved by 15 May in the second semester of the course.

Final assessment

All course requirements must be approved prior to obtaining a final assessment.

Assessment is based on learning objectives. The final assessment is given as a pass/fail mark, which is determined by the course instructor based on each student’s level of achievement throughout the course period. The student's presence and commitment in lessons will be strongly emphasised, as well as the concert performances.

New assessment

Students/duos who do not pass the course must complete a concert lasting 15-20 minutes, with a new repertoire.

Study component

Published: Apr 3, 2020 — Last updated: Mar 2, 2021