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External Engagements

Would you like to make money by accepting engagements from external clients?

Paid engagements

Every day the Academy receives external requests for musicians for a variety of events. We can put them in contact with registered students via the website.

Want to be notified of relevant engagements?

Every day we publish new lists at of students who have registered their interest along with a brief description of each student/ensemble/band.

At the start of every academic year, we send out an e-mail to all students with a link where you can register. This information will be published on the Academy's public website. You can still register your interest after the start of the academic year by taking a look at the existing lists and emailing producer Lars H. Kurverud with the info you would like to register.

The lists are updated every quarter or so or when needed.


All engagements mediated by the Norwegian Academy of Music must be paid engagements, and the fee should usually be negotiated directly between the student and client.

However, students are highly likely to be asked to accept unpaid engagements. We advise all students to be aware that this might happen and to consider whether or not it is something they want to do.

If you have any queries about outside engagements or want help, please contact the production manager or one of the producers for tips and advice.

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