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Etter Noter for Students

We are e-mailing the NMH newsletter for students, Etter Noter Student, to all NMH students every other week.

What is Etter Noter Student?

Etter Noter Student is a newsletter that we e-mail to all NMH students. This newsletter lets you stay updated on information suitable to your everyday life as an NMH student. The editorial staff consists of students, the Department of Academic Affairs and Research, as well as the Department of Communication.

The latest edition


  • Run for election to SUT or the NMH Board.
  • Art Room and other events from the Student Assistants.
  • SUT invites you to a party.
  • Deadline for registering your concerts.
  • The Student Ombud is at NMH on 9 May and 13 June. Drop-in.
  • The cafeteria closes due to renovation on the 13 of May, and the locker rooms on the U floor will be replaced during summer.
  • NMH students are the most satisfied with the instructors, according to the nationwide Student Survey.

You'll receive the next edition at the end of May.


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