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Jazz Vocal Ensemble I/II

  • Year of study: 2 semesters, fall and spring.
  • Preliminary schedule: Fridays 14:30 to 16:00.
  • Final assessment: Assessment from the course coordinator.
  • Prerequisites: Audition for students other than jazz vocal students. The 20 variant is a prerequisite for the 21 variant.
  • Language of instruction: Norwegian or English.

Course description

The course provides practical experience in singing jazz, pop, rock and improvised music in an a cappella vocal ensemble.

Participation is compulsory for 1st and 2nd-year KAUT jazz song students.

Responsible department: Jazz, Improvised Music and Traditional Nordic Folk Music Department.

Course coordinator: Guro Gravem Johansen.

Learning objectives

  • Upon completion of the course, students are expected to
  • have an understanding of the various musical means and vocal techniques in an a cappella vocal ensemble within rhythmic/improvised music
  • be able to participate actively in this kind of ensemble, and use various musical means
  • be able to produce arrangements and musical solutions collectively and aurally based, in addition to working with scores
  • have relevant concert practice in this type of ensemble


Participants in the course will work with a varied repertoire, from different styles within the genres jazz, pop and rock, to composed contemporary music. Compositions, arrangements and ideas from the students themselves will in the highest degree possible be a part of the repertoire. Improvisation, collective and as a soloist, as well as aural-based work processes, will be emphasized. Students will actively participate in shaping the musical expression.


The course is taught for 90 minutes per week in 24 weeks. Some of this time can be converted to larger block lessons or projects. The course coordinator prepares a plan of the repertoire, rehearsal times, instructor(s), concerts and other projects (eg. studio recordings) in collaboration with the students each semester.

Course requirements

Participation is mandatory in lessons, concerts and recordings (if applicable).

Final assessment

All coursework requirements must be approved prior to obtaining a final assessment.

Students are assessed in correspondence to the learning objectives of the course. The final assessment is expressed with the grades pass/fail, and set by the course teacher on the basis of an individual assessment of the student's skills throughout the course period.

New assessment

Students who do not pass the course must follow the course again, in its entirety or parts of it. The scale is individually determined.

Published: May 19, 2020 — Last updated: Feb 3, 2021