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The Principal's Speech to the Students, Spring 2022

Congratulations on completing your studies at the Norwegian Academy of Music! You can watch the speech on video with English/Norwegian subtitles, or read it further down.

You can select subtitles by clicking YouTube's subtitles button in the down-right corner of the video.

Dear Graduates

Many congratulations on completing your studies at the Norwegian Academy of Music!

Whether you're at Bachelor's or Master's level or from continuing studies programs, whether you are graduating primarily as a performing musician, singer or conductor, as a music teacher, a church organist, music therapist or with other combined skills and competencies; congratulations!

We hope you have had rich, enjoyable and developmental years at NMH and that you are moving onwards with a certainty that you own unique skills and knowledge.

When I started as a student at the Academy, back in the day, an older colleague told us during our first week: «you thought it was difficult getting into the Academy. Just wait until you have to leave….»

Perhaps this wasn't particularly encouraging (and I can't be sure I remember it correctly word-for-word). Still, it's true that you, as graduates of the Academy, will face – to a more significant extent than others – having to create your careers. This lends a vulnerability that studying throughout a pandemic has made us even more, perhaps frighteningly so, aware of.

But believe me, it also provides you with numerous and inspiring possibilities!

Possibilities of permanent positions part- or full-time if one desires, possibilities of exciting job combinations, and endless new variations of the reply to the question of «what will you be when you grow up?»

We who work here at the Norwegian Academy of music believe in you, and we know that the skills and knowledge you take with you into the world are skills and knowledge that society needs. Locally, nationally and internationally – music, art and culture make a difference – under the aesthetic value in great works and performances and as a resource for everyone every day.

The certainty that what we are doing is essential is something we hope you will take with you from here.

And we would like to remind you that NMH welcomes you back as Alumni – to concerts, courses, seminars, to meet fellow students or for continuing studies.

Have a wonderful summer, and the very best of luck with all future endeavours!

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