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Remodelling of the Administration

The floor plan of the administration
The floor plan of the administration is on the 3rd floor.

During the year, the administration in Slemdalsveien will be remodelled. The goal is to consolidate the entire administration there when NMH moves from Furuholmen on January 1, 2025.

A working group has been appointed to work on this, and funds have been allocated in the 2024 budget to remodel parts of the 3rd floor and to design the remodelling of the library on the 2nd floor.

An initiative from the campus development plan

In November 2023, the report "Plan for the development of the premises of the Norwegian Academy of Music with an emphasis on proposals for short-term measures", the so-called campus development report, was released. The remodelling of the administration is one of several measures proposed. In December, the board received the campus development report and decided to terminate Furuholmen and consolidate the administration in Slemdalsveien.


The plan is to complete the remodelling and relocation by December 31, 2024. The timeline is as follows:

  • Mid-January to March: Planning with Statsbygg and any subcontractors. • March to June: Finalization of remodelling plans.
  • June to September: Actual remodelling.
  • September to November: Relocation to Slemdalsveien for those affected, vacating Furuholmen.
  • December: Completion in Slemdalsveien and complete closure of Furuholmen.
Grafisk framstilling tidsplanen for ombygging av administrasjonen.

Architect firm

NMH has chosen Zinc as the architect firm ( for the remodelling on the 3rd floor.

In week 15 (8-12 April), Zinc will take a count of meeting activity in the administration on the 3rd floor.

The count will take place between 8:00 and 16:00, Monday to Friday. The purpose of the count is to map the extent of meeting activities and the number of people present at the meetings. For those of you who have an office with a closed wall and door, Zinc may knock to get an overview.


Working Group

  • Renate Hauge Sund, leader
  • Cathrine Dorg, senior advisor and safety representative
  • Anders Eggen, senior advisor and civil servant representative
  • Robert Haugan, section leader of Campus Services and Information Technology
  • Johan A. S. Jørgensen, section leader for the Library
  • Karina Krokaa, senior advisor – Communications and Public Affairs
  • Heidi Ramberg, senior advisor – Human Resources, Archive and Finance

The steering group consists of the administrative leaders at NMH. Student involvement will be considered continuously, based on whether students are affected by the remodelling and relocation.

To ensure expertise in the design and remodelling of office environments, the project will be supported by consultants with specialized knowledge in workplaces and space. The consultants will assist in everything from needs assessment to helping NMH explore possibilities for designing the new premises in Slemdalsveien.

Administration and Library

The working group's mandate includes both the design and remodelling of the 3rd floor of the administration and the design of the library remodelling. Viewing these two areas together will streamline the work, avoid duplication, and reduce the number of moving processes. It may be relevant to specify one or more functions in the administration – in addition to library staff – to have their new workplace in the library during the process. The specific employees and functions will be decided upon by the working group and the steering group in 2024.

Who will be affected?

All those with their primary workplace in the Furuholmen building and the entire administrative wing on the 3rd floor will be directly affected. At the same time, students and other employees will notice that administrative staff will be less physically accessible during the remodelling period. The administration is working on clarifying how digital services can compensate for this.

What about the teacher's rooms?

In the campus development report on the plan for the development of NMH's premises, the working group proposed redistributing the practice teacher rooms. The reason is that several practice teacher rooms must be occupied for parts of the time.

The campus development report suggests several concrete ways to redistribute practice and theory teacher rooms. This work will begin during the spring and will be carried out by the vice-principals Sidsel Karlsen, Gunnar Flagstad, and operations manager Robert Haugan, in collaboration with director Kristel Mari Skorge and rector Astrid Kvalbein.

We will provide more details on this work on the internal websites and in "Etter noter."


  • If you are an employee and have any questions about the matter, contact your immediate supervisor.
  • Students can contact SUT, which maintains regular contact with the Principal.

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