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Summer Greetings to the students from the Principals

Dear students,

We are about to leave behind a school year with a great anniversary celebration and a lot of regular activity in the house and elsewhere – and are in the middle of an exciting exam period.

Over the past year, the Norwegian Academy of Academy has made tough adjustments to tackle a challenging economic situation. Fortunately, the savings have been useful, and we can even invest in a few new resources in strategically important areas, such as class hours and talent development.

Thank you for attending the SUT breakfast, contributing to the Strategy Lounge, and providing other input.

Astrid and Morten

Strengthening the community around main instrument teaching

Before the restructuring, we had a system with extra resources for class hours, i.e., group teaching on the main instrument and some instruments in classical study directions. They have been practised in slightly different ways and have been unevenly distributed.

This spring, we reviewed these resources and created a new model. Here, string and wind instruments, as well as piano and singing, on classical get a class hour resource based on the number of students. Harp, accordion, guitar, organ, and percussion retain their fixed forum resource. In addition, the so-called "year class hours" across instruments on jazz are reintroduced.

This means a slight increase in resources for class hours. In addition, we have given more to accompaniment, among other things, to support class hours and forums. All of this is in line with the prioritized measure under point 4, "Culture for interaction", in the annual plan for 2024: – Maintain working environment, academic and administrative quality in a time characterized by economic restructuring, with a particular focus on orientation, evaluation and development of main instrument and group teaching in performing/creative subjects.

This strengthens the community around the main instrument teaching at NMH.

About main instrument teaching in groups

Talent development

In conversations with external partners and academic environments internally at NMH about the new strategy, many point out that we must expect to work even more offensively with recruitment to higher music education in the years to come. At the same time, we see that last year's savings measures have hit our talent development program (TUP) hard.

NMH receives an earmarked grant from the state budget for talent development. In the years before the critical budget situation arose, NMH contributed with a self-payment of approximately 25% of the total budget for TUP to administration and more. This self-payment was cut as part of the restructuring. The cut reduced the number of gatherings from 12 to 10 and significantly reduced the number of students who received one-to-one teaching.

During the year, we have noticed a larger drop-out of students than normal, and all academic environments report that it is very challenging to run a broad talent development program within the new economic framework. As a strategic move, we therefore chose to reverse the cuts to TUP for the coming academic year so that we again get 12 annual gatherings and good coverage of students distributed on all instrument groups.

At the same time, we will evaluate TUP to determine whether the program is "properly rigged" to increase the undergrowth of young musicians who want to pursue higher music education.

We will evaluate TUP to assess whether the program is "properly rigged" to increase the undergrowth of young musicians.

About talent development

Strategy work and end-of-semester

We also continue to work on the strategy for NMH; among other things, we have a meeting with the Student Council on May 29 and a seminar with the board, middle managers, and union representatives on June 6-7. Thank you for attending the SUT breakfast, contributing to the Strategy Lounge, and providing other inputs. Keep up if you want to influence what NMH should be for the next ten years!

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