For students
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Access Card

You will need an access card (key card) for the Academy buildings. It also functions as your library card.

How to Get an Access Card

You use the same card for printing, copying and scanning.

You have to pay your semester fee and register for classes in Studentweb to get your access card.

Bring your Student ID (app or paper version) and a valid ID (passport or driver license) with you to the reception – ground floor.

New Photo

You may take a new photo to your access card with our self-service access card terminal.

You will find the terminal on the ground floor, straight ahead from the main entrance, past the restrooms and through the first two doors.

Follow the instructions on screen. You can pick up your card at the reception the same day or the day after.

Lost or Defect Cards

If you lose your card, or if it for some reason does not work, please contact Ellen Gjerstad at the front desk, ground floor.