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Writing Centre

At the writing centre, you get individual guidance on your writing assignments. We offer help with all kinds of text production from your Master's thesis to reflection papers. You are welcome to contact us during all stages of the writing process. We can even help you get started on your paper.

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Topics for the consultations could be how to organise and structure your text in addition to academic language. We offer guidance in problem formulation, argumentation, discussion, references and other relevant issues.

We can also help you with study techniques and the preparation of presentations.

A tutoring session lasts 45 minutes, and we encourage you to send us a draft when you book an appointment.

If you need help with a text in English, the writing centre offers expert advice from one of our tutors.

The writing centre is not located in a specific room but is affiliated with the library (on the first floor). The tutor will give you the precise time and place when you make a booking request.

If you need to conduct surveys, the writing centre supports SurveyXact.

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